Just wanted to thank you for all of your help with my claims. I know i called you a million times but i really appreciate everything. I think everything has been completed and checks have come in. Thanks again.
J. Kovacs, OH

I was leery about applying for coverage cause I usually get screwed by people but you were honest and helped me. It comes in nice not having to worry about money for bills and I can concentrate on my foot healing properly.
D. Beck, IL

Thanks for your no-pressure style.
D. Jackson, IL

I purchased short term disability insurance through eSupplemental.com 4 years ago because my wife made me. I never really thought I'd need it. Then last year, I broke my ankle playing football with my son (talk about embarrassing!) and couldn't work for over a month. It was painful to admit my wife was right, but that extra cash definitely came in handy.
Norman, IN

I have a lot of things on my mind. Wondering if we can afford to fight cancer isn’t one of them. A few years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s when I realized fighting cancer takes more than strength and determination. It takes money. Money for costs insurance doesn't pay, for travel to doctors' offices, to make up for lost time at work. That’s why we bought a Cancer Insurance Plan through eSupplemental.com. If my husband or I ever have to fight cancer, we know we’ll have lots of questions. But 'can we afford to fight cancer?' won't be one of them.
Gloria, Plano TX

I spoke to eSupplemental when I was planning my second child. With my first daughter, my husband and I planned on the income loss for regular maternity leave, but it never occurred to us that I might be put on bed rest. I lost two months of income that we hadn't planned for, and that put us in a tight spot. On top of that, even after my regular health insurance, I still had a lot to pay out of pocket for my hospital bill after the delivery. This time, thanks to my agent at eSupplemental.com, I was able to enjoy my pregnancy without worrying about unexpected time off of work, and I can enjoy my newborn son, David, without worrying about the hospital bill.
Rebecca, OH