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Assurant Health Insurance - Underwritten by Time Insurance Company

With Assurant Health, you'll get health insurance the way you want it with:

  • Assurant CoreMed and HSA Plans - Preventive services Paid 100%*
  • Worldwide coverage, 24 hours-a-day
  • Your choice of doctors and hospitals from extensive networks
  • No referrals necessary to see a specialist
  • 12 Month rate guarantee 
  • Optional Dental, Accident and Critical Illness plans

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Assurant Health Insurance Brochures
Assurant Health offers health insurance that is reliable, affordable, and backed by long-term stability.
  • Instant Savings. You could receive a 15% discount just for being healthy.
  • Decreasing Deductibles. You could save as much as 70% on your annual deductible!

Find out how Assurant Health can help you save money while providing you with the protection you need!

* Immediate coverage paid at 100% for preventive services mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; additional preventive services paid subject to deductible and coinsurance

Individual and Family health insurance plans provide long-term protection and comprehensive medical coverage for you and your family.  Customize a low cost plan by Time / Assurant Health that best fits your needs and budget. 

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