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FOR MEDICARE BENEFICIARIES: Dental, vision, and hearing insurance is an important addition to your Original Medicare Parts A and B coverage. Why? Because Medicare does not cover your typical dental, vision and hearing exams and expenses, nor does Medicare supplement insurance.

The Dental Vision Hearing coverage through Central United Life Insurance Company covers many of the typical preventive checkup and services you need for healthy teeth, eyes and ears.

Here are just a few benefits of this important coverage:

  • Affordable premiums, as low as $25 a month
  • Choose your own provider, no networks
  • Guaranteed issue, there is no underwriting or stress about being approved
  • Covers two dental exams, cleaning, & x-rays per year; basic eye exam or eye refraction, including cost of eye glasses or contact lenses; hearing exam, hearing aid and necessary repairs or supplies.
  • Also covers endodontics, root canals, periodontal surgery, bridges, crowns and dentures*

Don’t worry about routine dental, vision and hearing exams! This gives you the peace of mind to know that wherever you go, and whomever you use for your dental, vision and hearing needs, you have some protection in place.

This plan also includes a 30 day free look period.** Take 30 days after you receive your policy to review your coverage. If for any reason at all you decide it is not what you had in mind, just return it. You will promptly be refunded your premium.

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