Accident Insurance
Accident Insurance
Accident Insurance

They’re called accidents for a reason. You usually can’t anticipate or control how, why or when they’ll happen. But you can prepare for the aftermath of an accident by making sure you have adequate insurance coverage.

Supplemental accident insurance can provide benefits that your regular health or disability insurance doesn’t. Depending on your policy’s coverage, accident insurance can help make up for lost income, pay your bills and protect your savings.

What is accident insurance?

One out of 4 of us will receive an injury as a result of an accident*. Not only could an accident cause serious problems for you physically, but it could also threaten you financially. Accident insurance provides benefits that can help protect your savings and financial stability.

Accident insurance is a type of supplemental insurance, used to fill gaps left by your other policies. Your benefits may be used to cover some of the things your health insurance doesn’t, such as transportation costs, over-the-counter medications and childcare.

  • Pays you a set cash benefit for each covered injury and service
  • Use the cash benefits any way you choose
  • Use any doctors or hospitals you want
  • Pays in addition to any other plan benefits you may have
  • Cost of plan is designed to be stable year after year

Accident insurance benefits

The Accident plan pays cash benefits when injuries, medical treatment or death result from an accident.
Two base-policy options are available:
  • Off the Job Accident, which covers accidents that occur apart from the primary insured’s job
  • 24-Hour Accident, which provides on- and off-the-job accident coverage
Accident Benefit Examples
Level 1
Level 2
Treatment (emergency room, urgent care or doctor’s office)
$100 adult/$50 child
$100 adult/$50 child
Follow-up Treatment
Ambulance (ground/air)
ICU Confinement
Major Diagnostic Exams
Physical Therapy
Rehabilitation Unit
Fractures (closed/open reduction)
Per-service benefit amounts
up to $3,000/$4,000
Per-service benefit amounts
up to $3,750/$5,000
Coma (7 or more days)
Paralysis (paraplegia/quadriplegia)
Accidental Death
$30,000 adult/$15,000 child
$50,000 adult/$20,000 child
Accidental Dismemberment
Up to Accidental Death benefit
Up to Accidental Death benefit

*Not available in every state

Do you need it?

You may not need accident insurance if you already have comprehensive health and disability coverage and adequate financial resources to pay for accident related injuries. However, you should consider purchasing accident insurance if:

  • You can’t afford the extra bills associated with an injury.             
  • You can’t afford time away from work and may not have enough in savings to keep up with mortgage, credit card, utilities and car related bills.             
  • Your savings are earmarked for long-term goals.             
  • You want coverage that’s not tied to an employer.             
  • You are your family’s sole wage earner.             
  • You don’t have any form of disability coverage.
Accident Insurance
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